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Paramedics are often the first point of contact for anyone suffering from a medical emergency, whether be a sudden onset of illness or a serious accident. They are called out to deal with many incidents, and need to be able to provide emergency assessment, treatment and referral as well as keeping patients calm on their journey to hospital as the journey of a patient begins with them.


At MANAS ACADEMY COLLEGE OF NURSING we indistinctly work to provide an education that completely prepares you to develop into expert paramedics.

We educate to make you understand in and out and further utilise your learnings practically. With our specialised training educators, you will be guided to work on your advancements and get the right direction.

Our Mission

Committed to convening and nurturing

Are you passionate about science and how the human body works?

Are you looking for a college that provides you more of practical knowledge?

Are you sure to work in health but not sure which direction is right for you?



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PATHOLOGY LAB: A well-equipped lab with all the modern equipment, to train students and provide precise knowledge by considering all the minute details regarding testing of all types with proper guidance.

–X-RAY LAB: A fully-equipped, complete range of highest quality diagnostic testing lab for proffering students with more practice and understanding.

–SONOGRAPHY LAB: A unique diagnostic lab focusing on superior professional preparation through relevant learning experience for students.

–NURSING FOUNDATION LAB: A complete Hospital set-up of general ward including dummies and instruments with sufficient space.

–ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY LAB: Bones, skeletal, and organs in modular form for effective and precise understanding.

–NUTRITION LAB: A kitchen set-up with microwave, crockery sets and all the rest necessities for –practicing diet-plans and nutritional programs.

–COMMUNITY NURSING LAB: Designed to provide clinical experience ensuring that the students learn home visiting technique at urban/rural area and family healthcare at the door step.

–OBSTETRICAL AND GYNAECOLOGICAL LAB: A well-equipped lab with efficient learning lessons to our student community along with labor pain training.

–PEDIATRIC LAB: Includes all the required equipment like warmer, oxygen cylinder and others.

–COMPUTER LAB: Understanding well the necessity of this era, the lab consists of 30 active computers, which are rarely a part of other nursing college.

–AUDIO-VISUAL AIDS LAB: Includes projector and (OHP) overhead projector for easy way to communicate ideas to students resulting in effective teaching and learning experience.

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